All About Washable Dog Beds!

Having a washable dog bed will go a long way in ensuring that your dogs sleeping area is always clean and healthy. Therefore, when shopping for one, ensure that you buy dog bed that is easy to clean. This helps keep your dog’s odor to a minimum.
washable dog bed
As a matter of fact, regular grooming and as well as cleaning your dog’s kennel helps prevent bad odor. However, a dogs bed can collect odor and transfer it back to the dog and its kennel. Additionally, your dog’s bed can also collect fur, debris, dander, stains, urine, drool, dirt, as well as fleas and their eggs. The solution to all these issues lies in buying a washable dog bed that is easy to clean. Cleaning should ideally be done once every 7 to 10 days.

How to clean your dog bed effectively?

• Cleaning fur, pollen, dander, debris, and dirt

This can be done effectively by shaking the bedding outside or vacuuming it. Note that it is harder to vacuum a soft, pillow-like bed than a firm one. Additionally, it is much easier to clean bed furniture that is covered with a slick material such as leatherette by wiping it down with a piece of damp cloth. Where possible, it is good to remove all the cushions from the frame so that the whole bed can be easily cleaned by using just a piece of damp cloth. Beds made from softer or more porous materials are more likely to trap fur. In addition, it is easy to clean an outdoor raised washable dog bed by simply using a garden hose.

• Cleaning drool, urine, and stains

Dried moisture including dried drool, mud stains, blood stains, as well as urine as not easily cleaned by vacuuming or shaking. Stains actually need to be treated and removed exactly in the same way they are removed from clothing. In addition, the dog’s bedding, especially the bed cover, should ideally be removed and put in the washing machine for effective cleaning.

• Cleaning fleas and their eggs

Fleas and their eggs usually present a bigger problem because their presence is not confined to the dog’s bed only. Regular cleaning of the dog’s bed ensures that fleas and their eggs do not infest the entire home. For effective cleaning of the washable dog bed, place it into the washing machine so that the bed is cleaned by the soap and water. At the same time, the hot air from the drier kills the fleas. Additionally, your dog will need to be washed with flea shampoo in order to prevent re-infestation. If your dog is an outside pet, it is essential to spray the garden with insecticide too. This also prevents re-infestation. Note that it is important to take immediate remedial action once the fleas are discovered in order to stop them from spreading all over your home.

• Once a month, in order to prevent parasitic and skin diseases of dogs, couch need to handle with a special hygienic spray. Modern care products also have an antibacterial effect and eliminates odors.

• Skin sensitivity

It is usual for dogs to have sensitive skin. If your dog scratches a lot or suffers from flaky skin or hot spots, consider using mild a detergent when cleaning its bed, such as baby detergent. For dogs with extremely sensitive skin, you may need to buy plant –based washing soap.

• Use hot water

Using hot water to clean your dog’s bedding helps kill germs. When trying to remove a stain, it is good to consult a stain chart.

• Use a dryer

This helps ensure that all germs and fleas are completely eliminated. In between your washings, have the bedding air dry in the sun. This helps keep the bedding fresh as well as removing residual odor.

Good quality washable dog beds:

The types of dog beds that are easy to keep clean have the following features:

• Removable covers
Most dog beds are made of fill material, such as foam or other padding, and a cover. Ensure that the cover is easily removable.

• Buttoned, zippered, or Velcro closure
Velcro works best so long as the cover doesn’t shrink. Metal zippers are also good but they sometimes rust. On the other hand, buttons can be chewed or even swallowed.

• Washable material

Ensure that the material that is used to make the cover is completely washable. Avoid materials that are 100% cotton or those that can only be dry cleaned in order to make your work easier. It is also an added advantage if the fill is washable. Ensure that the fill is wrapped in such a way that it will not shift or bunch after washing. Additionally, smooth outer materials are easy to wipe clean. These include vinyl or leatherette which is usually found on outdoor, raised platform beds and some other styles of washable dog beds.

If you do not have a dryer or washer, you can recycle blankets to cover your dog’s bed, mat, or sleeping area.

Dogs are popular pets and they are much more likeable when they smell good. They ought to have a clean, dry spot to sleep and nap. Getting the best dog beds will pay off in a tidy and fresh house with an appealing and clean pet.

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