How to Сhoose the Best Dog Bed

washable dog bed
A dog bed is a great item to have in the home. As well a providing your four legged friend with somewhere soft to sleep, it also gives them a psychological sense of comfort and territory: they get to know that the dog bed is their part of the house and they feel at home there. There are plenty of different dog beds on the market though, and every dog owner will be able to appreciate just how important it is to choose the very best bed for your pooch. So here is some advice on choosing the best bed for your pets.

First, there is the luxury option. Luxury dog beds are typically large and fluffy with raised sides, often made with materials such as leather and velvet. These beds also often have an opulent appearance as well as a sumptuous feel so that they fit in well with the decor of a stylish home. Is it worth paying more for the more luxurious model of dog bed? Well it depends what your priorities are! Particularly more expensive models are made of environmentally friendly recovering materials and also have orthopedic properties. If you have a truly pampered pooch and want to give them a great treat then a luxury dog bed is a wonderful way to make them feel cared for.
Best dog bedLuxury dog beds

If your dog habitually sleeps outside, or comes in from walks happy and dripping wet, or if they are a puppy that still wets the bed sometimes then a waterproof dog bed may be the best option for you. Waterproof dog beds make great outdoor dog beds, but you can also bring them inside. Choose a waterproof bed with a removable cover so that you can replace it or just give it an extra good clean when you need to. It is also a good idea to get a waterproof bed that has an insulating fiber lining so that your pooch stays nice and warm. One of the main advantages of a waterproof dog bed of course is obvious: these wipe clean beds are so much easier to clean than are the soft and absorbent models.

Whether you choose a waterproof bed or not, it is always a good idea to opt for washable dog beds. Make sure to check the washing instructions for your dog bed when you buy. Some smaller beds can be washed in their entirety just like laundry in the washing machine, for instance. Others have detachable covers that can easily be washed like laundry whilst the main body of the bed needs a deep dry clean or professional clean once every few months or so.
waterproof dog bedswaterproof dog beds

A bolster dog bed is an ideal bed for larger dogs, but they are good for all sizes of dogs, as well. These beds are ideal for dogs who want to sleep with their skull on a pillow or on an armrest. They are the best dog beds that are available in designer, washable, heated, and orthopedic varieties. Their styles differ from half-bolsters to complete 360-degree support, and have either incorporated or detachable pillow pads. Sometimes bolster dog beds is stuffed with special MiracleLoft polyfill material, which is prepared from the recycled plastic bottles.

bolster dog bedbolster dog bed

How to choose the best dog bed?

• Pay attention to quality of materials of which the place for a dog is made – it should provide comfort, durability and easy care.

• Dog beds are quickly salted and become soiled, therefore at a choice give preference to models from which it is possible easily remove covers to wash them and to dry up… washable dog bed is the best choice.

• Choose dog beds with a covering from natural materials – it doesn’t cause an allergy and excludes electrization.

• Bed must suit a dog by the size.

• Observe, what poses are accepted by a dog during a dream: some sleep curled, therefore they will suit oval stove benches with sides, others like to be sprawled during a dream – they will suit a mattress dog bеds.

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Stephanie Schenk

irritating AND useless to have a page with beds and no way to buy them!