All About Cooling Dog Beds

Pets are a common feature in most households. Their health and comfort are held just as highly important as that of any other member of the family. Heat is an everyday factor in our lives and just as it disturbs each of us when in excess, dogs and other pets will also be affected by it. Professionals have come up with several brands of cooling pet beds that are useful in helping to keep your pet cool and comfortable in the warmer weather.
washable cooling dog bed When it gets warm, especially in the summer, dogs will sweat in the heat just like their human counterparts. They will naturally pant and sweat in small amounts which comes out of their foot pads to cool them. When outdoors or exercising, the dogs feel the effect of the heat even more. Pooches with long and thick fur will especially suffer and might even develop skin conditions from all the heat. Natural cooling adaptations help, but they are not fast enough to relieve the discomfort. The cooling beds come to aid in their cooling process for faster relief.

There are different brands of the cooling pet brands and though ideally designed to serve the same purpose, there are little variations that come with each brand that the pet owner can choose from. The dog beds are normally going to be filled with water or a special cooling gel, and designed to be comfortable for the pet to lie on. In contact with the body of an animal (with heat) bed (pad) immediately begins to cool (temperature difference of 6-10 degrees). It can be used at home, in the car, carrying, in the booth etc. The beds are meant to keep the dog cool and comfortable at the same time, therefore they are very soft and pleasant to the touch. Mats and beds often made of durable nylon, that protects the product from an animal bite.

Some brands with few modifications for added comfort include the Cool Bed III, for instance. This cooling bed not only provides the dog with soothing relief in the hot weather, it also helps to soothe sore joint for the dog. It has many other therapeutic benefits for skin conditions and helps ease hip pains and arthritis as well. The Cool Bed Deluxe is like any regular cooling dog bed but comes with the addition of a poly-filled baffle around the edge that adds some comfort and luxury for a pillow-loving dog.

washable cooling dog beds washable cooling dog beds

Other desirable qualities to look out for in a cooling bed should be their waterproof ability and the ease to clean them. Brands like the Canine Cooler provide cooling beds that are easily washable and prevent overheating, dehydration and exhaustion. Cooling dog beds have made it convenient for the whole family to be outdoors comfortably during the summer, including the dog. Some of the cooling beds are easy to use both indoors and outdoors.

The pet owners should look for beds that are flea and mite resistant as well as chew and scratch resistant. The Dog Doza, for instance, is a dog bed that is not only waterproof but also resistant to odour, fur and dirt. They have round beds that are ideal for dogs that love curling up. Such dog beds are designed to blend style, comfort and durability to provide utmost comfort for your dog.

Cooling dog beds no need to pre-cool, doesnt need any batteries, network connectivity or something else. In order to start cooling dog bed working again, you dont need exert any effort! It recharges automatically after a short break in use. With dog bed (pad) like this your pet will never overheat and will not get heat stroke.

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