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For every pet-owner, there comes a time when s/he needs to take their pet somewhere by car, whether it’s for a walk, a visit to the vet, or a family vacation. However, putting your dog in the car can lead to claw-marks, hair and stains on the seats. That’s where dog car seat covers come in, designed to protect your seats from dirt and wet while allowing your pet to travel comfortably.

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When buying a dog car seat cover, ensure that it is made of durable canvas-like waterproof material, such as heavy-gauge polyester. This material should have a good grip so that the dog doesn’t slip, and should have adjustable straps with attachments such as buckles that will allow it to be easily fitted. It’s also vital that it is machine-washable; while quilted materials look well, they are generally not washable, though some are stain-proof. Velcro openings can allow access to seat-belts and/or dog harnesses.

The back seat dog cover is the most commonly used type. It can be draped over the seat and secured to the back head-rests and legs of the front seats using straps and fasteners such as buckles. These covers work well, but can be prone to slipping. A soft foam material on the back of this type of cover will ensure that it does not move after being put in place. Front seat-covers are also available to buy, and are easy to fit, but should be used with a harness to prevent any accidents.

Dog Car Seat Covers Dog Car Seat Cover

Alternatively, a dog car hammock can be used in the back of the car and also can be installed in the trunk. This type of cover has the advantage of preventing the dog from slipping off the seat or jumping into the front of the vehicle, and can also be warmer and more cozy for the pet. They are attached to the front and back seat headrests using straps.

Sometimes hammocks come with extensions to the ceiling, if the dog is restless and quite a lot of moves around the cabin, you can attach it to the collar stretch to the ceiling. Stretching and its length is easy to adjust without creating pet discomfort. In addition, it will deliver the vehicle from the wool and dirt, allowing the owner to save big money on dry cleaning salon. Hammock car seat are convenient package, which can be put under the seat or in the trunk and not cluttered salon, in contrast to products made of cotton and wool does not require special storage conditions, and may be on hand throughout the year, biding their time in the trunk.

dog car hammock seat cover dog car hammock seat cover

For dogs of small and medium-sized breeds will be perfectly suitable the booster car seat. It can be established on forward passenger sitting, and on the back. Booster car seat are fixed by stationary seat belts, that doesn’t allow a stove bench “to walk” freely on a chair. As additional protection the special carbine in a car seat for dogs, which is fastened directly to the collar. It allows to prevent willful travel on the car by the little friend, providing safe driving. The design of it allows a dog to look out in a window, to go in comfort and safety, minimizing animal sickness, at the expense of special foam in a seat car. The booster car seat fits into the console of the car and includes a belt which fastens to seat belts of a dog.

dog booster car seat dog booster car seat

A washable dog bed can also be used; high sides and foam inlay will provide comfort and security for the dog, but make sure that they have straps for attachment to the car seats, otherwise your pet may be sent flying by bumps.
After use, the dog car seat cover should be removed, brushed, and allowed to dry. Regular cleaning is vital for the well-being of yourself, your pet, and your car–wash at a low temperature with mild soap or rinse by hand, and lay it flat to dry.

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