Homemade Stain & Odor Removers You Definitely Going to Love

Dogs like playing outside in dry and wet climate, to hop in the puddles, running in the dust and they bring all that wreckage at home. Before long you will begin to notice some hair, mold, organism, bits of biting bones and nourishment in your pet’s bed. It will soon turn out to be rancid and messy. He could notwithstanding raise home a few escapes from the grass outside. And soon the new bed you purchased for him will get a tainted and unclean piece of your home. What would it be advisable for you to do?

1. Spray Made of Vinegar and Baking Soda

washable dog bedThis is a washable stain remover I prefer most. It is inexpensive and is quickly effective when removing urine and blood stains. It does great even in old stains. The solution is always made up of 2 cups of white distilled vinegar, 2 cups of water which is lukewarm, and 4 full tablespoons of baking soda. The ingredients can be mixed in different orders depending on the preferable method of the user. If you have no clue on how to do this, simply follow the following directives.


Direction #1

Before anything else, fold a rug on top of the blemish you are to clean up and press it hard enough to remove as much of the blemish as you can. Take two cups of white distilled vinegar and mix it with 2 cups of water which is lukewarm. The mixture should be prepared in a large bowl after which you will add in 4 full tablespoons of baking soda in smaller chunks to avoid fizzing. You can then pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it or simply pour a little amount straight into the affected area if you don’t have the bottle. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then rub it gently. Finalize by rubbing the area with a soft cloth.

Direction #2

Here, the mixture will be prepared as above only that the baking soda will liberally be sprinkled over the affected area and then vacuumed after 5 minutes. This will then be followed by applying the water/ vinegar solution as directed on the first direction.

Direction #3

Here, the baking soda is sprinkled generously followed by pouring the water/ vinegar solution on the area. The area is then rubbed gently with a soft cloth after about 5 minutes.

2. A Mixture of Baking Soda and Hydrogen-Peroxide

washable dog bedsHydrogen peroxide is the best in breaking down urine “crystals” and sufficiently removing stains. When combined with a baking soda which deodorizes naturally, it serves as the best stain remover. Removing stains using this method requires you to have; rags or paper towels, a cup full of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of an Eco-friendly dish liquid, half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and a bowl. Dry up as much liquid as you can from the carpet before using the solution made from the ingredients in removing stains.

3. A Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

washable dog bed
Most of the stain removers you buy use enzymes in removing stains and odors. It is therefore more sensible if you would just use the enzyme itself in preparing a washable stain remover. For you to achieve this, you need to have; 7 tablespoonful brown sugar, 1L of water, 1 1/2 cups of orange and lemon peels, and a clear bottle/ container. The mixture should be shaken well before use.


Because we love our pets dearly, managing the messes left behind should be easier and cheaper enough. Preparing our own washable stain removers is the best way of achieving a comfortable stay with the pets.

Be careful and use the compounds, only if you are sure that it will not damage the covers, fabrics, carpets. Too much soda and vinegar may discolor some fabrics!

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