How to Clean a Large Dog Bed

Wondering what take to go with to make the perfect cleaning of that large washable dog bed? Worried about the unsafe and unhealthy conditions of the bed that make the dog “sick”? Tired of the stinking urine stains or muddy the paw prints on the cover?

Ready to go to any extent to see the bed thoroughly cleaned? Willing to take the full initiative of cleaning it up yourself? If yes, you have just landed your worries on the best grounds. As a slotuion, you are going to get the perfect kind of easy and simple to work with steps to see through the entire process.

How to Clean a Large Dog Bed
To get down to business, here are detailed step by step instructions to help you out make the best washing there ever will be:

1. Make a Thorough Vacuum of Cover
This step is of great importance in the cleaning process, as it helps do away with stuck hairs, hanging dirt and other small debris. Many are the times hairs clump on the wet fabrics of the washing machine, and this is something you surely wouldn’t want to experience. This step also sums up the best washable dog bed cleaning.

To ensure a thorough vacuum, see your way through this step with these very helpful tips:

• Make use of a vacuum hose and upholstery attachment.
• Use a lint roller to pull up any missed hair by the vacuum.
• Put most of your effort on the sleeping area as this carries the better percentage of dirt.
• Vacuum the bed in between washings to enhance a long lasting cleanliness.

2. Take Off the Cover
After the vacuum, carefully remove the outer part fabric cover of the cushion bed. Having difficulties removing it? Hold still and relax! Go and check out bed’s manual and look at the washing instructions to see if it is even removable.Why? Because it may not be removable, which then calls for a different approach, the laundromat, where high capacity washers are put into use for that purpose.

Otherwise, if it is removable, you just keep on with the next step after removing it.

3. Remove the Stains
If there are any waste product stains, paw stains or any such stains, this is the most suitable time to deal with them.To do this, use a strong stain removing spray on the cover and make sure when you are done, no stains are visible.
4. The Main Cleaning

If the beddings are friendly to the washing machine, simple take the fabric cover and the base of the bed and put them in the machine. To get the most out of this step, here are some tips to help you out:

• Use a pet-safe detergent that is mild. This is because with the sensitive nature of dogs, it will be impossible to feel at ease with the sense of chemical from detergent around.
• Make sure you don’t mix the dog bed with the the rest of the laundry.

On the other hand, if your cover is non removable, you can go for the bathtub as a perfect alternative. But just remember to still go for the low power detergent and also use hot water to kill harmful insects and their eggs.

Also a good take for cleaning a memory foam dog bed is to follow to the letter, the directions in our guide to cleaning a memory foam mattress.

5. Drying the Bed
Before coming to this final step, you should make sure that you have rinsed off the chemicals with plenty of water to completely eliminate them and reduce the irritation on the dog.

In the drying process, here is what you should make sure you have undergone:
• Make good use of the dryer first. Also, use the dryer sheets to reduce the static electricity that may be of great negative effect on the dog.
• Put it on a low temp area to avoid any wrinkles.
• To avoid shrinking of the bed, air dry it. While doing this, be careful not to put it in a poorly ventilated area, as this will encourage the growth of mild and mildew.

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