How to Clean a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Getting your pet a memory foam bed as opposed to traditional stuffed bed can help keep your house clean. Memory foam is an exceptional type of foam that is designed to react to the dog’s body temperature and weight. When your or lie on the bed, it will shape itself around your dog body and it will actually inhibits the development of pressure points that would otherwise lead to depressions.
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In the waterproof memory foam cleaning, there are basics to avoid during the process. They include:

1. You should never ever wash the memory foam in a washing machine

2. Never put the memory foam in a drier to dry it up

3. You should not use hot or warm water to clean it the memory foam machine

4. You should not put the memory foam in a washer for cleaning

5. When cleaning be careful not to scrub the surface of the memory foam bed because it will ruin it up

6. Another way of maintaining the foam bed is by not exposing it directly to sun’s rays

7. Finally the foam from the pillow should not be washed completely because they are not washable.

All these acts do not mean that the memory foam bed cannot be cleaned or cannot regain its freshness. There ways to get rid of memory foam odors, spots and stains or cleaning the entire memory foam itself to make it fresh and brightly looking. These kind of cleaning make the memory foam bed clean and comfortable for your pet.

Getting rid of odor

The chemical that make up the memory foam bed is called polyurethane. This chemical determines the density of the memory foam bed and also it’s viscosity of the foam. Obviously, anything made of foam must have a particular scent. Unusual scent can be done away with through the following ways:

• Expose the memory foam bed to sunlight if the outside conditions are warm. The foam will receive warmth and cool breeze from the outside that will neutralize the bad odor leaving the memory foam freshly scented.

• Sprinkling of baking soda – sprinkle a little baking soda on the memory foam pad and let the baking soda stand for a day or so. Then shake the salt or vacuum it lightly the memory foam with the brush attachment. Then ensure that all of the baking soda has been vacuumed up before you can cover it on once again.

• We also have heavy duty odor removing spray – each manufacturer has specific instructions on the type of enzymatic cleaners to use on a certain type of foam pad. Another alternative is to use a mixture of vinegar and water in an equal ratio of 1:1. Ensure the liquid solution is not saturated, it should only be made up to a concentration enough to get rid of the smell caused by urine. Dry the liquid using a towel by bloating the towel over and over then sprinkle baking soda and vacuum it up. For faster drying, the foam pad is placed in an area of free air circulation or a fan is used to facilitate air movement.

How to Clean a Memory Foam Dog BedHow to Clean a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Memory foam stain or spot cleaning

Substances such as urine, feces and the vomit are the major stains. All the stains can be eliminated from the bed and leave the foam pad fresh.

• Urine – although it is the toughest stain, it can be eliminated by sucking up the urine using diapers or wet sponge then clean using a liquid such as alcohol or vinegar. Again the liquid used should not be saturated, use concentration enough to deodorize the urine.

• Vomit – this kind of stain is best removed by woo lite solution or liquid enzymatic cleaner. Few paper towels are used inside a plastic bag used to pick up the vomit. Once you pick you place them in a trash can. Then clean up the remaining liquid using sawdust or baking soda and expose the foam bed to drying conditions.

• Feces – this stain is the most dangerous stain and should be cleaned thoroughly to the paths taken by your pet. An enzyme – based cleaner is used in the process because it contains the bacteria that consume fecal material. The area is then cleaned with soapy water. Vinegar solution is then sprayed. Pet-stain remover or carpet cleaner is used on stubborn stains. Finally a citrus based detergent is sprayed on the foam and vacuumed to deodorize the memory foam bed of your pet.

Cleaning the memory entirely

Borax or baking soda is sprayed then vacuumed using a handheld vacuum cleaner to leave the foam bed brightened and freshened up.

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