How to Select the Right Type of a Dog Crate for Your Dog

Dog crates are very beneficial on several occasions and situations when you have to make sure that your canine is well protected and is confined to an area. It makes the visitors at your home comfortable as most people are not comfortable with canines. It protects your infants from coming in close contact with the canine in your absence.

When you are looking for the guidelines to select the right crate for your canine it is very clear that you understand the importance and benefits of the dog crates. So, let us focus on the various choices and options that we have while selecting a dog crate.

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Things to Consider When Selecting a Dog Crate:

When you select a dog crate you have to consider four qualities of the crate. The selecting of the crate mostly depends on the breed of the canine.

1. Size
Size of the canine is one of the major consideration in selecting a dog crate. There should be ample space for the canine to sit and stand without any discomfort. But it isn’t necessary to buy too big crate, thinking that the dog will be enjoying some extra space. The dog will feel as if in the big empty room that will cause feeling of lack of safety. Also consider the size of a pillow or dog bed which you put on the bottom of the cage.

2. Type
There are two types of canine crates available in the market, these are crates designed for fixed placements and movable crates. One has to make sure what kind of crate that they require.

3. Strength
The breed of the canine is one important factor to consider, if you are trying to cage a German shepherd in a weak cage, it is possible that the dog breaks the cage. So, always select the strength of the material according to the breed of the canine.

4. Design
If you are planning to carry the crate or place the crate in the living room, you need to ensure that it has good design aesthetics. There are crates which are designed specifically for these purposes, for example in the form of bedside tables or in the markets there is a good choice of covers or blinds for cages.

Decision Making on the Size of the Crate

When you are selecting the size of the crate for a puppy make sure that you consider the fully grown stage of the canine. It is best to buy a large sized crate considering the size of the dog is expected to grow into. If you buy a small crate, you will have to replace the crate very frequently as the canine grows rapidly in the first few months.

The best choice is to buy a full sized dog crate for that breed with an installed separator. Separators give you a flexibility to change the size of the area in which the canine can move.

When re-sizing the crate make sure your canine is able to move freely, turn around, sit with paws stretched out and lay down without being cramped in any of these positions.

We recommend that you buy an adult sized crate and install partitions, there are different sizes of the crate for different breeds of the dog. Make sure that you look for the dimensions of the canine in fully grown stage.

Measuring the Dog

There are two criterion for measuring the dog crate:
Dog Crate Washable Bed

Position One
Measure the dog from head to tail in the standing position, then add 4 inches to the measurement. This gives you the perfect idea about the length and the width of the canine cage.

Attention! Measure to the base of dog tail, but not to the tip, otherwise the cage will be too big!


Dog Crate Washable BedPosition Two
Ask the dog to sit with head at its maximum height. Then measure the maximum height of the head in the sitting position. Add 4 inches for additional space. The measurement is the height of the crate.

Using position one as the maximum length or width of the crate and position two as the height of the crate, you can select the best fitting crate for any dog breeds.


What Size Of Crate to Buy for Canines and Puppies of Breeds Like Labrador?

Labrador and German shepherd are the most popular canine breeds in most parts of the world. These breeds have a tendency of fast growth in the first few months, it is pointless to buy a small crate for puppies of these breeds. If you have a powerful breed, make sure you buy a large 42” crate with divider to make sure the dog is comfortable and you dont have to spend money after every couple of months.

On the picture given below it is possible to look at the approximate sizes of cages for other dog breeds.

dog crate crates size
What Crate Options are there in the Market?

There are four type of crate options available in the market, these are different in size, strength and material. One has to choose the right option depending upon the breed of the canine and the application of the crate.

Wire Crates

These are the best crates for powerful canines and for providing a permanent place to the canine at home. There are single and multiple door alternates for convenience and large sized wire crates come with partitions to accommodate all kinds of canines.

wire dog crate


• Easy to clean
• Great airflow makes it an excellent choice in hot climates
• Better visibility gives you the ability to keep an eye on the dog
• Portable models fold flat for easy transportation


• Some dogs whine when they are able to see their master, you will have to install blinds in such cases.
• Not good for colder climates as the canine is exposed. If you have temperature control at your home, there is nothing to worry about.
• Very noisy crates
• A determined dog escapes easily from these crates.

Plastic Crates

These are the specially designed crates for air travel and smaller breeds of dogs. Most people do not use these crates at home but keep them for travelling purpose.

These crates are better known as pet carrier and you should look for airline approval to ensure you are able to carry the pet on plane.

plastic dog crateAdvantages

• Lighter crates for better portability
• Best crates for travelling purpose
• The crate is more sheltered than wire crate providing better insulation
• These crates have proper locking mechanism to ensure that the canine cannot escape.


• Harder to clean
• Enclosed design irritates and stresses some dogs.
• Not recommended for hot climate
• Not very attractive.

Soft Sided Nylon Dog Crates

The soft sided nylon dog crates are great looking portable crates. They are very portable and most importantly don’t look like a cage.

Soft Sided Nylon Dog CratesAdvantages

• Extremely light and portable
• Fold-able design makes them easy to store
• Soft and flexible body makes the dog more comfortable
• Great for travelling and camping because of fold-able design


• Not very durable or long lasting
• Aggressive breeds can tear the cage apart
• Not easy to clean
• They look very weak and cheap

Customized Dog Crates

These crates are made of a large number of materials like wood, iron, rattan etc. These are the premium high finish crates designed for people who are in love with their canines and want to provide them the best. These are the best crates to use in living area where you have guests because of its design aesthetics.

Custom wooden rattan dog crateAdvantages

• Great for highly finished homes as they match the styling
• The top surface can be used as a table
• There are innumerable style and design options in these crates


• Not good for dogs who know how to cut the wood
• These crates cannot be cleaned thoroughly as wood cannot be washed or cleaned with chemicals
• These are expensive when compared to other varieties

Which Crate Should You Buy?

The first thing you need to consider is the attitude of the canine and its breed. Always make sure you choose a dog cage in accordance with the requirements of the breed. Intelligent and powerful breeds tear most of these cages apart. Choosing a crate is a personal decision based on the breed, the décor of the home, the utility of the cage as the main factors to be considered.

Our Recommendations

We recommend you to buy large 42” to 48” wire crates with partitions. These crates are not very costly and can provide a home for every breed of the canines. The best thing about these crates is their durability. They will last for a decade if you maintain them properly.


There is no standard formula for choosing a dog crate, it is the personal decision of the owner. However, there are several factors that we considered when selecting the crate. There is a trade-off between durability and portability. When you buy a durable crate, it becomes difficult to transport it and when you buy a portable crate your canine can easily tear it apart. You have to make a wise decision based on the breed of the canine and the purpose for which you are buying the crate.