Effective Washing of Dog Bedding to Prevent Fleas

Thorough cleanliness of your home will ensure that your home is free from any form of infections. Pets can sometimes be the source of infections when their beddings are not properly cleaned. Ensure that your pets’ bedding is washable, this is to help in carrying out their routine sanitation. Dogs, for instance, are the common pets in homes which are accorded special bedding materials. But, are you tired of those fleas that occasionally invade your dog bedding? This article guides you on how you can prevent this by simply washing the bedding.

Effective Washing of Dog Bedding to Prevent Fleas Wash Dog Bedding

Useful Tips

  • Isolate the dog bedding, This helps prevent the fleas from invading your beddings and helps to concentrate them in one area.By doing this, it will be easy to wash the dog bedding and saves you the time you would take to wash your bedding too.
  • Collected all the flea-invaded dog bedding and soak them in ultra heated water, Use a high quality and effective soap designed for this purpose to wash the bedding.This will help to eliminate all the fleas together with their cysts.
  • For pets that sleep on your couch, include the couch’s toppers to ensure effective elimination of the Fleas.Vaccum your cushions and turn them over, Place the vacuum underneath to eliminate the eggs and fleas from their hidings.
  • Carry out the vacuum procedure in the warm and dark places such as behind your doors and around the furniture, This is the places commonly invaded by the fleas.Ultra heated water can also be sprinkled around these areas to enhance effective elimination of the eggs and the fleas.
  • If your dog bedding is made of foam, remove the fabric topper and place it in the washing water added with the detergents.Rinse the fabric toppers well and hung them in an open place to sundry.Include anything that accompanies your dog as they may contain flea eggs.
  • During vacuuming procedure, ensure that you add a small quantity of the flea powder in the vacuum bag before kicking off, this will help hinder the growth of fleas in the vacuum bag.
  • Isolate the dog with other pets to prevent further spread of fleas and eggs.Just confine the dog in one place.
  • When you are through with the above steps, ensure that your dog is also treated with the recommended product.This is to ensure that neither the fleas nor eggs are left within the dog’s fur.
  • Finally clean thoroughly all the materials you have used during this procedure.Use effective detergents to ensure effective elimination of fleas and eggs.


For effective elimination of Fleas, Carry out this procedure routinely to ensure that your dog’s bedding is clean to prevent the reappearance of pests.Remember to clean and spray your dog and other pets regularly to effectivly control pests in your home.