Hypoallergenic Dog Bedding

Just as humans can develop allergies at any point in their lives, so can dogs. Dogs can develop allergies to any number of substances, such as foods, insects, plants, or even the bed they sleep on. Many commercial dog beds are manufactured using fabrics and materials that can trigger allergic reactions because they aren’t made with natural or organic materials.
Hypoallergenic Dog Bed
Dogs reactions to allergens in their environment are very similar to a human’s. They can develop watery eyes, dry and itchy skin, and even painful sores due to scratching and irritation. To counteract this growing problem, many pet owners are choosing to switch to pet bedding made from better quality, hypoallergenic products.

When looking for a dog bed that won’t cause undue discomfort to a dog, look for bedding that is made from natural hemp, which is grown and manufactured without chemicals or pesticides that could irritate a dog’s skin. If you cannot find natural hemp, look for products labeled as organic. Additionally, be sure the bedding is stuffed with appropriate materials. Many dog bed products use cedar or other wood chips, which can cause irritation for some animals. Instead, you want to look for a hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton. Products made with natural materials are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Whether your dog uses blankets, pillows, cushions, or any combination thereof, it’s important to make sure you’re not unknowingly exposing your dog to allergens.

Additionally, just buying hypoallergenic dog bedding products may not be enough. Just as it’s important to change and wash the sheets, blankets, and pillows on your own bed, you also need to do the same for your dog. Dirt, dust mites, and other pests can survive in pet bedding if not regularly maintained and cleaned. It’s recommended that you wash your dog’s bedding once a week, following the instructions specific to the products the type of bedding.

Furthermore, make sure you’re using a hypoallergenic detergent as some dogs are allergic to the chemicals found in other shampoos or regular detergents. Make sure to also keep the area around the bedding clean to by vacuuming the carpets or dusting and mopping the floor to prevent the presence of dust and dirt around your pet.

If your dog displays signs of allergies or is avoiding his or her bed, it’s time to make the switch to a higher quality bed for your pet. Bathe your dog with a hypo-allergenic shampoo designed for dogs with sensitive skin. Make sure his or her bedding is made with natural or organic materials to prevent further irritations. Keep the area cleaning by regularly deep cleaning the carpets or surfaces your dog sleeps on. Also, regularly wash your dog’s bedding with a detergent designed to counteract allergic reactions in pets. Your pet can’t always tell you if they’re uncomfortable, so it’s important to provide your dog with an environment that will keep him happy, healthy, and allergy free.

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