Top 5 Allergy-Free Dog Beds

Your pets can have allergies too and dog beds are often a source of built up dust mites, mildew, or pollen. Getting a hypoallergenic dog bed will help keep your dog safe from uncomfortable allergies and be better for the humans in the house too. So which are the best brands? It depends on your priorities. Take a look at some different types of dog beds and how they are preventing allergens.

The West Paw Design

The West Paw Design prioritize eco-friendly practices. Their beds are made from organic and recycled fibers and they use hemp for a naturally hypoallergenic material. It resists mildew and sun damage. It can be difficult at times to find things that are both made of natural materials and hypoallergenic, so this brand is a real winner if organic materials are important to you. They have a wide variety of styles of dog beds and prices.

hypoallergenic dog bedding       hypoallergenic dog beds

Harry Barker

Beautiful styling is immediately evident in Harry Barker’s Hemp Stripe Rectangle Dog Bed. It has a classic and elegant look as well as being made of a hemp and cotton blend. The padded inserts are made from eco-friendly fiberfill and the covers are removable for easy washing. Cotton is not a hypoallergenic material but the addition of hemp helps deter allergen build up. This one is going to look stylish while preventing allergic reactions.
hypoallergenic dog beds hypoallergenic dog beds

Buddy Rest

Buddy Rest combines allergy-free materials with orthopedic support. The core of their bed is memory foam. The fabric on the outside is Crypton, which feels like suede but acts like a tarp, resisting bacteria, mold, and water. The company claims you only need to wash this dog bed once a year. Their beds are consistently the most expensive option on this list.

hypoallergenic dog beds hypoallergenic dog beds

K9 Ballistics

Tuff Series K9 Ballistics offers a line of Tuff dog beds that are very resilient and prevent damage from scratching or chewing. The outer cover is odor-resistant and waterproof according to their website, but it can be removed and washed if needed. Using synthetic materials inhibits mildew and dust mites, who make their home in organic materials. This is one of the more affordable options and you can choose not only beds but also crate pads made from the same materials.


Allergy-Free Dog Beds Allergy-Free Dog Beds

Dog Gone Smart Beds

These use a washable cotton cover, which is not in and of itself hypoallergenic but the filling is a hypoallergenic fiberfill that is used in human pillows. Given that the cover is cotton, these would require washing frequently to stay allergen-free.

Allergy-Free Dog Beds Allergy-Free Dog Beds