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Careful owner will certainly try to provide with his pet a comfortable place to rest. But among various dog beds and stove benches sometimes you can meet the real masterpieces — high-costy, creative, functional, unique dog beds. Some ideas are quite worth it to use them in handmade work. If you establish your pet a cosy lodge, then character of an animal will become softer, and the interior of the room will change. We offer you a selection of the most unusual and creative dog beds or doghouses.

The doghouse in a shape of the train car.
unique dog beds

Luxury beds made not only for rich ladies, but also for pets of these ladies. These unique beds are suitable for spoiled dogs.
unique dog beds Fancy dog bed

Double bed for dogs – a small copy of the human furniture.
designer dog beds

Another version of the bed for a glamorous dog.
unique dog beds

Or look at some more fancy dog beds… you’ll be jealous of your pet.
unique dog beds Fancy dog bed

The two-storey furniture. Top – bed , bottom – a small house for animals.
designer dog beds

Stylish dog bed. Easy to carry, easy to be expanded.
designer dog beds

Today dogs sometimes live better than people. In the house – a miniature copy of the owner’s property.
unique dog beds

Doghouse in the style of hi-tech. Modern, nice, spacious.
designer dog beds

Another big dog house, which will be envied by many people.
designer dog beds

While the owner is at work – dog dreaming sweet dreams on the unusual pillow-knees.
personalised dog beds designer dog beds

But in fact, dogs love to sleep close to the loved ones. And if you successfully organize the space, the space in the bedroom is enough for all – and the owners, and dog. Inside the bedside table there is soft mattress and a special door allows to use its place as cells. In general, the idea of ​​using a dog house as bedside table is very successful.

designer dog beds Unique Dog Beds
Unique Dog Beds designer dog beds

Give your pet a place of his own with a built-in dog beds to keep your dog gear organized and out of the way!
Unique Dog Beds Unique Dog Beds

A sculpted frozen ice cave! It was designed by the really incredible Tom Spina Designs exclusively for the awesome photogenic pug – Chubbs.
Unique Dog Beds

Sometimes there is a need for the regeneration of compact residence of а canine population.
designer dog beds designer dog beds

If your dog is lazy enough to jump, then you will come in handy dog beds with ladder.

Designer dog bed Unique Dog Beds

Excellent designer dog beds are obtained from an old suitcase, it is a real vintage!

designer dog beds unique dog beds

Well known glamorous diva Paris Hilton built a palace in the garden near the house for her tiny dog. A two-storey house accommodates couches, cabinets for toys and dressing room for her dogs.
unique dog beds

Ideas for beds for dogs can be quite strange. But such a booth, dugout, more like a hole, made ​​of advanced materials based on the latest scientific developments and taking into account the habits and physiology of dogs. Manufacturers claim that in this dog house-dugout pet will not freeze even in the most severe winter… or maybe instead of the dugout, someone will like a dog cave.
unique dog beds pet cave dog bed

Here are futuristic design models of several dog beds. Impressive variety of shapes will make your interior unique!
unique dog beds
Luxury Dog Beds Designer Dog Beds Luxury Dog Beds, Designer Dog Beds

Whose dog isn’t dreaming to get into the owners shoes?
unique dog beds

Tiny bed in the Chinese style with silk embroidery and made of natural rattan and stained espresso outdoor dog bed.
unique dog beds Outdoor Unique Dog Beds

And at the end of compilation there are unique dog beds made ​​of recycled materials
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